Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Shamanistic rage

It's late, so a very small update today.

Shamans are level 20.

The only two classes that are yet to hit that magic number are warriors and rogues. Here's where race selection will play a huge part. Originally I wanted my rogues to be Worgen. There's a problem with it however, running in full heirlooms - the group will out-level the starting zone content very quickly. But since Worgen starting zone is gated from outside world but a long series of quests - you can not get out!

So I guess we'll have to settle for gnomes, or night elves. Maybe even a mix group of rogues!

Warriors on the other hand - I'll probably keep 100% dwarven! There's some RP value in that.

What do you think? What race would you make your rogues?

Monday, March 21, 2016

Importance of prep

In today's topic I wanted to touch on the out-of-game aspects of multiboxing.
Namely what happens when you are not actively boxing.

1) Preparation
Many of MMO players are altoholics! If said MMO player is a multiboxer - this condition, naturally, gets multiplied by X (where X is the number of characters you run)! I have quickly discovered that it is very easy to lose track of many teams across many servers.
To solve this issue for myself I have made a spreadsheet holding some useful information.
Here's an example:

You can see the class info, level info, account info for various characters. I am going to add some simple stats of how long it takes to level each character etc. This helps keep thing organized.

2) Community
Very hard to overestimate the importance of community in multiboxing! Figuring things out when it comes to setup, group composition, encounter approaches is SO MUCH EASIER when there are other people sharing the same passion with you.

I currently participate in the following communities:

They all have a ton of great, helpful and generally fun people to talk to!

3) Day-dreaming
Got some time in transit coming to/from work - think about that awesome setup for group or this dungeon that you will try! Helps pass the time and most importantly set your mind up with a plan for the multiboxing session. This way you optimize your gaming experience and don't waste time.

It is very important to not lose yourself in the game. Spend time with family, friends, loved ones! So the less time you spend just jumping around major cities in game (not saying this is not fun!) - the more you can accomplish.

That's it for today ;)

More posts to come tomorrow!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Light be with me!

Well, paladins are level 20 now too!

I discovered that melee group is as easy as casters for questing, but dungeons - that's a harder case!
Deadmines gave my 5 protection paladins no problem, but Stormwind Stockades - wiped me once or twice.

To better solve this I will learn MiRai's healing method with DxNothing and switch my UI to ElvUI.

Will post an update when done!

First spoils of war

So here;s my first update: team 'Covent' (5 mages) is level 20. I have basically followed first 5 videos in MiRai's tutorial step by step. Learned about questing as a Multiboxing group and even completed Deadmines - my first dungeon.

Here's what we look like now:

Here are links to videos that got me to this point:

Saturday, March 19, 2016

My name is Legion - For we are many

Recently I've learned about this new way to play MMOs - Multiboxing!

A bit of research into different technology brought me to ISBoxer site. Very cool and helpful community, great people.

So here I am - documenting my first experiences in the world of Multiboxing! Hope this blog will serve as a good memento for me and as a helpful resource for others, who want to try multiboxing, but don't know how!

Read, follow, ask questions!

Off we go!